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On 31 October 1517 – 500 years ago – the Reformer Martin Luther pinned his 95 theses on a church door in Wittenberg, Germany, and insisted that the church of that day should reform. Exactly 500 years later, on Tuesday 31 October 2017, the churches who train their students at the University of Pretoria, came […]

’n Baie spesiale bundel verhale van predikante vanuit die VGK en die destydse NG Sendingkerk is onlangs deur Christelike Lektuurfonds uitgegee. Voor ons vergeet, vertel die ervaringe van dié predikante gedurende hulle bedieningstyd in die apartheidsjare. Soms is dit komies, maar soms is dit gewoon net skokkend en hartseer. Ds Jurie van Rooy het vertel […]

The year 2017 has been full of events and surprises. What will always be remembered of 2017, are the Reformation 500 celebrations. During this year we celebrate the reforms in the church that took place after Martin Luther “published” his 95 theses of what was wrong with the church in 1517. However, we did not […]

The Dutch Reformed Church (Pretoria) and the Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa (Melodi ya Tshwane) in search for unity On 5 November 2017 the DRC Pretoria and the URCSA Melodi ya Tshwane publicly expressed their intention to establish a single united congregation. An elaborate statement of intent outlining the two congregation’s commitment to concretize […]

I would not really call Prof Reggie Nel a dreamer. No, he is a visionary with an action plan, a plan based in reality and on this earth. However, he makes other people dream! He makes people dream of the new and exciting things that are coming to Stellenbosch. Here Prof Reggie has been appointed […]

RE-ADVERTISEMENT OFFICE OF THE URCSA GENERAL SYNOD GENERAL SECRETARY POST   The position of the General Secretary: General Synod of URCSA is vacant. Such appointment is a performance-based contract for a period of five (5) years. The General Secretary is responsible to manage and lead the General synod strategically to realize the vision and mission […]

On 22 and 23 August, 2017, an historical event took place in Benoni, Johannesburg, when the moderatures of URCSA and the Dutch Reformed Church met. They were joined by the moderators of the regional synods of both churches. And they talked about … unification. Actually, they did not only talk about it, they took decisions […]

On 6 September 2017 members of the Moderamen met with the leadership of the United Evangelical Mission in Kempton Park. This delightful meeting started with our two guests introducing themselves. Rev Volker Martin Dally was ordained in Germany in 1989 and spent years ministering to believers in India and Indonesia. Since February 2016 he is […]

In the office of the General Synod in the Dienssentrum in Mamelodi … there you will find Marydith Buys. She does so many things that it is difficult to give her a job title. But it is something like “Admin Assistant for Finance, Logistics and Project Management”. Marydith has been born and bred in Eersterust, […]

In April this year the famous Prof Jurgen Moltmann visited South Africa to receive an honorary doctorate from the University of Pretoria. For those of us who are not academics, Prof Moltmann is a German theologian who has written a few very famous books. One of these books is “The Crucified God”. It was published […]

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