On 25 November 2016 the SMCPA constituted as a ministry of the General Synod. These sound like big words, but it only means that the Support Ministry for Communication, Publications and Archives is now ready to take on its job to handle URCSA’s publications. And one of URCSA’s main publications is, of course, the URCSA NEWS.

Prof Rev Christina Landman is now the Chair of the SMCPA, and she will also head the Editorial Board of the URCSA NEWS. She is very excited about it, and invites every URCSA member to take ownership of their newspaper. Working with her on the Editorial Board is Ms Kefiloe Fokase and Mr Katleho Mokoena.

Please, people of URCSA, we need every one of you to send in contributions to make a success of our gorgeous newspaper! We are looking for news from your congregations and presbyteries, as well as your regional synod. We need stories about the wonderful things that members of our church are doing. If you have seen a movie relevant to people of faith, send in a review.

If you have read a spiritual book, write a short commentary on its contents and worth. Please send contributions (with photographs) directly to Rev Landman at [email protected].

For the second issue of URCSA NEWS for 2017 we need the contributions by 15 May 2017. We also want to thank our sponsors, the United Protestant Church in Belgium, for making this issue of the URCSA NEWS possible. The publication of the URCSA NEWS is technically handled by the Christian Literature Fund, which is doing a beautiful job. They want us to state, however, that they have no control over the contents, which is the prerogative of URCSA only.

Let’s take hands – and pens! – and bring the good news about our church to one another!