In the office of the General Synod in the Dienssentrum in Mamelodi … there you will find Marydith Buys. She does so many things that it is difficult to give her a job title. But it is something like “Admin Assistant for Finance, Logistics and Project Management”. Marydith has been born and bred in Eersterust, Pretoria. She worked for Eersterust congregation, formally known as URCSA Pretoria as an admin assistant from August 2008 to 2013.

It was a half day job during the time when Rev Colin Goeiman was the minister of the Word there. At the same time she worked in the afternoons for the General Synod. On the first of July 2013, she started working full time for the General Synod after headhunted by Dr Daniel Maluleke for the job. What does Marydith do for a hobby in between working long hours for the Synod?

She does ballroom dancing! She was always the athletic type, but now she has converted her talents into something as beautiful as dancing. A substantial part of her time goes into raising her three sons: Ashthan (15 years old and in Grade 9), Eaghan (8 years old and in Grade 3) and Eudor who is 4 years old.

Finally, she mentions people who were her mentors for the past ten years and with whom she has worked closely. With the exception of Dr Maluleke, she points out Dr Dawid Kuyler, the late Dr HG Platt, the late Dr Johan Botha, Prof Thias Kgatla, Prof Mary-Ann Plaatjies van Huffel, Prof Leepo Modise and Mr Tebogo Phatudi.