The year 2017 has been full of events and surprises. What will always be remembered of 2017, are the Reformation 500 celebrations. During this year we celebrate the reforms in the church that took place after Martin Luther “published” his 95 theses of what was wrong with the church in 1517.

However, we did not only celebrate 500 years of reformation. We also came together as different churches and started the unification of the church. Over 500 years the church scattered into many churches. This year we started a process of reaching out to one another so that, hopefully in less than 50 years from now, we will no longer look at one another as enemies and strangers.

I dedicate the Editor’s page for this edition to Prof. Reggie Nel. Born a “Swartlander” and spending the past 20 years north of the country, he has now returned to Stellenbosch to become the Dean of the Faculty of Theology. The Editorial Team of the URCSA NEWS wishes its members a blessed new year.

May our good Lord bless and keep you. May God touch your hearts and live in your minds. May you grow spiritually, and may the world be a better place because of you.

Prof Christina Landman