30Oct 2017

On 22 and 23 August, 2017, an historical event took place in Benoni, Johannesburg, when the moderatures of URCSA and the Dutch Reformed Church met. They were joined by the moderators of the regional synods of both churches. And they talked about … unification. Actually, they did not only talk about it, they took decisions […]

20Oct 2017

On 6 September 2017 members of the Moderamen met with the leadership of the United Evangelical Mission in Kempton Park. This delightful meeting started with our two guests introducing themselves. Rev Volker Martin Dally was ordained in Germany in 1989 and spent years ministering to believers in India and Indonesia. Since February 2016 he is […]

11Oct 2017

In the office of the General Synod in the Dienssentrum in Mamelodi … there you will find Marydith Buys. She does so many things that it is difficult to give her a job title. But it is something like “Admin Assistant for Finance, Logistics and Project Management”. Marydith has been born and bred in Eersterust, […]

02Oct 2017

In April this year the famous Prof Jurgen Moltmann visited South Africa to receive an honorary doctorate from the University of Pretoria. For those of us who are not academics, Prof Moltmann is a German theologian who has written a few very famous books. One of these books is “The Crucified God”. It was published […]

20Sep 2017

In this article the CWM of Melodi ya Tshwane (MYT) share their vision and programme with us. We would really like to invite all the special ministries (CWM, CMM, CYM and CWL) to do the same. We would really like to hear from you! 2016: CWM and the theme of MYT: “Rooted in Belhar: CWM […]

16Sep 2017

On 25 November 2016 the SMCPA constituted as a ministry of the General Synod. These sound like big words, but it only means that the Support Ministry for Communication, Publications and Archives is now ready to take on its job to handle URCSA’s publications. And one of URCSA’s main publications is, of course, the URCSA […]

20Jul 2017

On 23 and 24 February 2017 the Moderator, Prof Leepo Modise, represented the URCSA at a meeting of the United Evangelical Mission (UEM) in Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Here he presented the state of the URCSA as follows: The Uniting Reformed Church consists of 1,230 000 members in 784 congregations served by […]

08Mar 2017

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ We greet you in the Name of the Head of this Church, Jesus Christ. Our Seventh General Synod (GS) of the Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa (URCSA) met from 3-9 October 2016 at the Kopanong Hotel and Conference Centre, Benoni, under the theme Celebrating 30 years of the […]

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